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Dundee Entertainment specializes in the aggregation of premium entertainment content by collaborating with corporate brands and connecting independent filmmakers,
producers, and distribution companies with leading cable, satellite, telco and online distribution partners.

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Tommy Reid is an accomplished, award winning Director, and Producer with over seventeen combined years of Independent Feature, Documentary and Field Production experience. Tommy developed and produced seven independently financed films all of which have entered into successful worldwide distribution deals. He has an expertise in story research/development, production strategy, marketing, and film distribution. He is a highly resourceful and an effective leader with a solid track record of managing multiple projects on tight timelines and brings a cost conscious budget to his projects.

Reid has a proven ability to negotiate and execute complex joint venture agreements, talent contracts and film distribution deals overseeing budgets ranging from $200K to $12M. Reid is innovative and has a strong entrepreneurial spirit. He has consistently taken a story, built a strategy and created a product that resulted in a solid return for his investors.

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Dundee Entertainment can help you package your film, prepare budgets, prepare business plans, financial projections, strategize production aspects, negotiate talent contracts, option material, marketing strategies and more.

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