Our Mission Statement

Our mission is simple: we want to help people hone their creative skills. We think creativity is one of the most important parts of everyone's personality. And when it comes down to it, we love art.

We want our content to inspire new artists, and provide them with the basic skills they need to draw in many different ways. We'll also provide advanced tutorials and instructive videos that explain some of the techniques that modern comicbook artists, cartoonists, and other drawing professions use.

No matter what your current skill level is, you'll be able to find something on our site that is both interesting and useful. Even the most advanced drawing professionals can benefit from playing around with different approaches from time to time.

We hope that in the duration of your drawing endeavors, you'll use our site as a point of reference for some tried and true techniques. After all, developing your skills can be a long process. Since we'll be posting new content regularly, be sure to check back frequently so that you don't miss out on any of the exciting content we'll be putting out.

What would a site dedicated to drawing be without insider tips and little-known secrets? We'll also be putting out some content that we've never put out anywhere else on the web. From the basics of the human form to the intricacies of detail, we'll cover the entire scope along with some tricks that'll speed up your drawing experience and allow you to really capture the images you want to portray.

Whether you're going for realism or you love the imaginative world of cartooning, you'll find what you need on our site.